My Boobs were exploding!

My Boobs were exploding!

I was very lucky to be one of the women who over produce breast milk within the first 6 months of breast feeding.

My freezer was exploding and I no longer had anywhere to store my pumped milk.

With my boobs demanding to be pumped or fed from, I couldn’t stop. I started storing some of my milk at my mums and soon realized that I needed to do something with my milk, otherwise it would go to waste.

After some research I found the @Queensland Milk Bank at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital. Did you know that the Milk Bank collects, pasteurizes and stores milk for distribution across Australia to preterm and unwell babies across Australia???

Karen and the team at The Milk Bank assisted me in the process to apply as a donor and within the month I was able to donate 9.4 liters of breast milk which was donated to babies throughout Queensland, Tasmania and New South Wales.

I cannot recommend this organization highly enough! If you have the ability, please consider becoming a donor. 

Check out Queensland Milk Bank out on Facebook  or their website   



Written by Taeghan Madden

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