It was in January 2021 that I was sitting at my parents back table, when I had to breast feed my son Rowdy whilst wearing a hoodie, something that I normally loved wearing. I instantly cracked (I may have been premenstrual), I was uncomfortable, He was uncomfortable, I had material bunched up under my neck and with my tummy out on show.

That was my final straw, I needed to find something quick before winter came. Something that would make me comfortable with a desperate need to be more relaxed whilst feeding Rowdy.

That is when Mad House Mums as born. I created my first sample, the ‘Blacked Out Sweater’.

After some trials and errors, I was super happy with my final product. Do you know what my first thought as soon as put it on was? SH*T THIS IS COMFORTABLE!

I trailed the product myself; I also had my sister (who is pretty rough on clothing) to test it out too; I can now say that this sweater is one of my favourite products. The fact that I can dress like the ‘pre-Mum Me’, and still be able to breast feed my boy in public without looking dorky and uncomfortable is the best feeling!

I just want to also let you know, that this is only the start!

‘For me; being comfortable is the key to a happier Mumma Bear!’

Written by Taeghan Madden

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