Feeling Deflated!

Feeling Deflated!


Each breast feeding or pumping journey is different and sometimes you can find yourself feeling ‘deflated’ and just over it!

My breast-feeding journey started out more of a ‘pumping’ journey when my little man was born prematurely. This meant I wasn’t able to breast feed immediately, I had to pump so that the nurses in NICU could tube feed him. I was very lucky to have an abundance of ‘Liquid Gold’ (Milk), but this is not always the case for all of you amazing women. It wasn’t until I could start breast feeding my little man that I felt like I was ‘really feeding him’. Throughout the past 12 months I have had times where I just wanted to give up; from Rowdy being fussy, then my milk supply slowing down and not to mention teething!! I have always known deep down inside that I didn’t really want to give up so I persevered. Fast forward 12 months and we are still going strong, with every day still being a challenge but I know we can do this, and I HAVE got this!

Being a Mum and knowing that you have to make the right decision for your little one can be daunting, but please know that you are not alone, and YOU can do this!

Never forget…… you’re a Bad Ass Mum!

Written by Taeghan Madden.


Feeling Deflated as a Mum

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