Hi, let me introduce myself and tell you a little about how and why I have created the Madhouse Mums collection.
My name is Taeghan Madden and I am the driving force and creator of the Mad House Mums Apparel Brand which uses an incredible invisible zip design. I am super passionate about all things comfortable, practical and stylish; oh and did I mention COMFORTABLE? because I cannot tell you how important that feeling is to me and my lifestyle.
Taeghan Madden CCO and CEO of Mad House Mums
In 2020 I fell pregnant with myirst baby, Rowdy John who was born 6 weeks premature, something that I f was definitely not prepared for. Even though I did a heap of research I was also unprepared for breastfeeding, I didn't even know if it would be something that I could do successfully! Nevertheless during the many hours that I sat in the NICU watching my baby boy struggle with his first few weeks of life it became a reality that I could and would be breastfeeding my gorgeous little man.
There and then I started searching for clothing that would make my breast feeding experience stylish, simple, comfortable and fun however as I delved into the world of breast feeding and nursing, I quickly realised that there wasn't anything on the market that matched what I wanted. I absolutely love being a Mum and I love breast feeding but I don't want to have to dress in horrible, uncomfortable, restricted clothing that screams I AM BREAST FEEDING MY BABY!!! 
Fast forward 9 months and I have found very few items that are practical or that make me look and feel good; I've even tried modifying normal clothing!!
That is when I decided I would create my own!
I am super passionate about this and have gone all in, I really want Mad House Mum's brand to be a fashionable, practical and bloody comfortable breast feeding clothing range that makes you feel like the bad ass Mumma that you are.
I cannot wait to share my collection with you all and I am super excited about where I can take this brand and how I can expand the range, so join me in my journey and watch MHM grow!!
Thank you for taking the time to read my story and more importantly, thank you for supporting a small business; a Mum of two, Rowdy & Pyper 🙂
Mad House Mum's (MHM) for Bad Ass Mums

Rowdy John Born 6 weeks preemie 04.09.2020