Breastfeeding in Public

Breastfeeding in Public

Just whip it out!

Breast Feeding in public……

I am so glad to say that I was born in a time where Breast Feeding in public is encouraged’, ‘normal and not frowned upon.

I am a busy Mum who is out and about, at work, at the shops, out racing cars and attending functions so it is physically impossible for me to hide away every time my son needs feeding.

As a women and modern mum, I want to show my support to other mums on their Breast-Feeding journey and encourage women to feel empowered to breast feed and express whenever and wherever they need.

In our modern fast-paced western world, we are exposed to images that sexualize breasts everywhere. Yet when it comes to a woman breastfeeding her baby in public, people can have exaggerated responses and often there is backlash towards the woman.

It’s time that we changed this narrative and saw breasts and breastfeeding for what it is - nourishing a child! I have never met a woman who wants to exhibit her breasts during breastfeeding or wants to attract attention to herself overtly. There is nothing disgraceful about a woman uncovering her breasts to feed her baby in public and if the sight of it makes you feel uncomfortable, you need to simply look away. It’s time that society recognized the life-giving benefits of breastfeeding and offered support, and congratulated women who breastfeed in public. “

According to the Australian Human Rights Commission, it is your right to breastfeed in public and anyone who asks you not to, may be breaking the law!

So, lets encourage women to breastfeed anywhere, anytime! Let’s stand up for our rights, and better yet; stand up for our children!

Written by Taeghan Madden.





Australian Human Rights commission, Breastfeeding

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