Prepping your bed for those night time leaks

Prepping your bed for those night time leaks

Prepping your bed for those night time leaks


Let’s face it, in your postpartum stage, you are leaking from every orifice in your body. From bleeding, to breast milk, to incontinence. It would be nice to believe that you get to come home and sleep in your nice white sheets and look glamorous. But the truth is that you will have leakage everywhere.
So here are some tips to preparing and handling that.

Reusable nursing pads & a comfortable bra

Reusable Nursing pads will be your number 1 defense against that unsightly ring of milk coming through your pajama shirt. Pairing that with a comfortable and supportive bra, which is normally clasp free and comfortable to sleep in.

Don’t fall into the trap thinking that you can get away without nursing pads, because the reality is you can’t!

Mad House Mums BASIX Reusable breast pads have a 3-layer defense mechanism which will soak up your overnight liquid gold and also allow your skin to breath and avoid bacteria build up with our organic bamboo material.

Your nursing pads will stop all those little leaks even reaching your mattress when your asleep and unaware it’s happening.

Reusable Breast Pads :

Maternity Wire free Crop:


Cleaning your sheets

Breast milk can leave stains on your bedding due to the high fat content found in your breast milk. To help wash this out of your bedding and pajamas, you can use products such as Medela Quick Clean Soap which I used throughout my whole breast-feeding journey.


Postpartum can come with a few problems to dela with and Leaking was at the top of my list. So preparing yourself and your bed before your little bundle of joy arrives, you will save yourself a lot of time, work and tears.

Plus, you will get a more comfortable nights rest even when your night sweats are in full swing.

You’ve got this Mumma!


Written by, Taeghan Madden

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