The Best Gifts for a Breastfeeding Mum

The Best Gifts for a Breastfeeding Mum

Breastfeeding can be a hugely rewarding experience, but it also takes no small amount of time, patience and energy. As important as it can be to spend that special time with a new baby, being a breastfeeding mum isn’t all fun and games. The good news is that there are lots of little products you can buy that make the journey much smoother. Whether you’re nursing yourself or you know someone who is, we’ve got you covered with a list of the best gifts for a breastfeeding mum!

  1. Lactation Foods

Breastfeeding doesn’t need a lot of accessories, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help your body along! Lactation foods (and drinks) are specially formulated to fuel milk production and provide both mum and bub with the nutrients they need. Around here we’re pretty big fans of the lactation cookies from Milky Goodness or Boobie Foods. Both companies sell a bunch of lactation foods that are full of the protein and whole grains a breastfeeding mum’s body needs (they’re also extremely delicious)!

  1. Reusable Breast Pads

Lactation can begin long before you ever meet little bub. Reusable breast pads are a great way of taking care of those inevitable leaks. Keep an eye out for reusable breast pads that are made with multiple layers of fabric and absorbent padding. This gives them the best chance of being waterproof and acting as a barrier to leaks. Breast pads come in heaps of colours and designs, but you can’t go wrong with basic sets in black, white or nude colours that blend in with your bra.

  1. Nourishing Nipple Creams

Nursing your little one is incredibly rewarding, even if it comes along with a few unfortunate side effects like nipples that feel worse for wear. When you’re nursing regularly it’s helpful to stay on top of the condition of your skin to prevent your nipples from drying out, becoming sore or chafing against your clothing. Nipple creams for lactating mothers are specially formulated to be non-toxic while offering plenty of hydration and protection for those sore spots of skin. Look for creams made with natural waxes and oils and avoid creams with scents or artificial components.

  1. Get Comfortable

Nursing isn’t exactly a 9-5 job. You’re going to find yourself up in the middle of the night, sometimes more than once, feeding your baby to keep them happy and healthy. Your body can get used to the mixed up sleep schedule, but that doesn’t mean you have to be uncomfortable while you do it!

Foot rests, blankets and cushions all make great gifts for breastfeeding mums. Having a few comfort items at hand in your favourite breastfeeding chair can make all the difference when it comes to keeping your baby fed.

  1. Nursing Clothes

Lots of companies that sell maternity wear like to claim their clothes are also good for breastfeeding mums. There’s a bit of a lie there - once your little one has come into the world you won’t have much need for all the extra room that pregnancy clothes come with. For clothes that do a better job of supporting your nursing journey and fitting your post-baby shape, have a look at dedicated nursing clothes instead. 

If you’re interested, Mad House Mums carries our own range of nursing clothes featuring our invisible side zip. Our breastfeeding jumper looks fantastic, fit comfortably and (most importantly) they don’t scream “I’m breastfeeding!” so they’re especially good for everyday wear.

  1. Nursing Necklaces

Babies don’t get up to much for the first little while. But their attention starts to wander as they get older and it won’t be long before your little monster has a handful of hair they don’t know how to let go of. Nursing necklaces are stylish, child-friendly bits of jewellery that you can use to draw their attention and give them something to do with their hands while breastfeeding.

  1. A Giant Water bottle

Water is one of the main ingredients in breastmilk, and it’s easy to forget to look after your own needs when you have a little one in your arms. A nice big water bottle is a good way to remind yourself that it’s time to drink and keep up your fluids throughout the day and night. Besides, even when you’re done breastfeeding, that giant water bottle will be perfectly good for heading to the park or beach for a playdate with your baby!

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Whether you’re buying for yourself, for a family member or for a friend, we’ve got a range of products that every nursing mother will love. Mad House Mums’ breastfeeding clothes are designed with a special invisible side zip that makes them stylish enough for everyday wear, throughout your breastfeeding journey and beyond. If you aren’t sure what you want to get for that special someone then we’ve also got Breast Feeding Mumma Gift Packs that have all the basics in one place! You can check out our online store for more stuff that has been designed by breastfeeding mums for breastfeeding mums.

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