Why You Should Look At Breastfeeding Jumpers This Winter

The temperature is dropping and the mornings are getting crisp. That can only mean one thing – winter is around the corner!

It’s time to start thinking about your winter wardrobe. Don’t wait until your fingers are freezing. Get ahead of the crowd and stock up on jumpers, track pants and ugg boots before the frost really sets in.

To us, winter is the season of fluffy jumpers and warm blankets. It’s also the time of year when breastfeeding gets tricky. When you’re wearing six different layers, getting access for feeding takes a bit of practice.

Never fear though! We have a solution – breastfeeding jumpers.

In this article, we’ll see why you should look at breastfeeding jumpers this winter, and how they support your breastfeeding journey.

1. Winter is Comfy Season

Staying comfy (and looking good!) are the biggest reason you should look at breastfeeding jumpers this winter.

Australia doesn’t have the coldest climate. But that doesn’t stop us from shivering as soon as the temps start to drop!

If you want to beat the cold and look good doing it, a breastfeeding jumper is the perfect winter warmer. The Mad House Mums range is designed to be worn whenever the weather takes a turn. If you’re hanging out around the house, running errands or headed out for date night, our sweaters look fantastic and they’ll make sure you’re comfy all day.

2. Better Access for Feeding – Even in the Cold Weather

Adding layers is the best way to stay warm in winter. If you’re out and about with a baby in your arms, breastfeeding jumpers offer MUCH better access for feeding!

Mad House Mums designs breastfeeding jumpers with a special invisible zip. Our invisible zip hides away when the zip is closed, making our jumpers look just like regular clothing.

At feeding time, you can simply unzip and gain access for feeding, without needing to shed layers or expose yourself to the cold.

3. Staying Warm is Good for Breast Milk Production

Looking good is important, and being comfortable is even more important, but did you know that staying warm is actually good for milk production?

Your comfort is a huge factor when it comes to breastfeeding. When it comes to physical comfort, getting warm is at the top of the pile.

Many studies have shown that body warmth improves blood flow. In turn, better blood flow may lead to increased breast milk production during lactation.

That can be a real challenge when winter sets in. If you’re feeding bub at home, try rugging up with extra layers or a blanket across your lap. If you’re headed out in public, go for a breastfeeding jumper. Our nursing clothes mean you can feed your baby without having to strip off layers and lowering your body temp!

4. Bub Needs Your Help to Stay Warm

Newborns and young babies need mum’s help to regulate their body temperature. Until your baby is about 6 months old, they’ll struggle to stay warm in a cold space.

This is one of the big reasons doctors recommend lots of skin-to-skin contact with your baby. Physical contact helps them maintain and regulate their body temperature until they can do it on their own.

That means when you’re cold, your baby is cold, so wearing a jumper can help them conserve their energy, improves sleep and settling, and prevents sickness.

Get Warm This Winter With Breastfeeding Jumpers From Mad House Mums!

Winter is around the corner, and you don’t need a roaring fire to stay warm. Breastfeeding jumpers from Mad House Mums will do the trick!

Mad House Mums offers a range of breastfeeding jumpers and nursing attire. Our range features an invisible zip that offers easy access for feeding time, but hides away when it’s not in use. That means our clothing is the perfect attire for every part of your day.

Our clothes are produced in ultra-soft and super comfortable fabrics that are perfect for breastfeeding mums. They’re also absorbent and easy to wash, so you’ll never have to worry about life’s little mishaps.

You can browse our collection online, or contact us to learn more about our breastfeeding jumpers and sweaters!

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