Ethics & Sustainability


Mad House Mums is 100% owned and operated in Queensland, Australia. We’re thrilled to share what we’re currently doing to help the environment, and also how we’re becoming more socially responsible through a number of exciting initiatives.

At Mad House Mums, we focus on creating and manufacturing clothes in a way that cares for people and communities the world over, whilst minimising the impact on our planet.


Ethical fashion focuses on the fair treatment of people at every stage along the supply chain. Mad House Mums ensures individuals are paid fairly for their skills, work in safe environments, and are always treated with respect and understanding. Most of our staff work out of the Mad House Mums headquarters, but we do have some staff who work remotely.


We’re neat Mums and in our office and we believe every little bit helps! We have eliminated the use of paper and plastic coffee cups, and have invested in a ‘café style’ coffee machine so our workers aren’t tempted to buy takeaway coffees.


Since 2021, Mad House Mums has worked in partnership with the same suppliers and factories in China to develop a sound Ethical Code of Practice. This pertains to fair living wages, child labour, overtime, safety at work, best environmental practices etc. and is aligned with industry standards. We nurture our relationship with our growing suppliers and factory workers to ensure quality control, consistency and reliability of orders. Because of this, we’re able to quickly resolve any issues that may arise throughout the production process and work towards a mutually beneficial solution.


At Mad House Mums we’re focused on making smaller runs of high-quality apparel which is made to last. We go against the fashion industry model of bringing out a new range each season and keep our stock levels consistent with customer demand. This means we don’t need to have major reductions and sales at the end of each season. We order what we need, and that’s it.

Our clothing is not only designed to go the distance, but it’s also very versatile, meaning consumers don’t need to buy excessive amounts of our clothing as it can be worn for many different occasions. We’ve got you covered!  We don’t focus on ‘trends’ that generally work for one season and are then neglected. Having classic pieces that don’t ‘date,’ means people can wear these pieces over several seasons with confidence.


Currently, we’re actively researching alternatives to our packaging, however we are currently and proudly using Paper tissue, and compostable and plastic free labels and packaging , as we are trying to minimise the use of throw away plastic.


We believe ethical and sustainable practices are always a work in progress and we’re continually working to be the best we can be in all facets of the business.  Resources are being put into researching and implementing best practice and we will continue to make innovative, positive changes within our community, supply chain and environment.